What is Microdosing and How Can it Help you?

Microdosing Mushrooms

So you heard your friends talking about “microdosing” and now you’re interested in how it can help you. 

In this article, we cover what microdosing mushrooms is and the benefits that come with it.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of consuming very low, sub-hallucinogenic doses of a psychedelic substance, such as LSD or psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

That’s the promise of microdosing – taking very small doses of psychedelics in order to experience subtle yet profound changes in mood, creativity and well-being.

Why is microdosing gaining popularity?

Microdosing is gaining popularity because it has the ability to offer profound changes in mood, creativity, and well-being without the psychedelic experience.

More science is being done on psychedelics and early indications show the benefits you can receive include:

Improved focus & concentration

Increased creativity

Energy boost

Calm & relaxing feeling

Anxiety relief

The problem people face is getting access to psychedelic substances. At Diamond Shruumz, our goal is to provide you with a safe and effective experience.  We take what nature provides and turn it into a product you can trust.

How to microdose?

Diamond Shruumz mushroom chocolate bars have 15 break-away pieces, allowing you to control your experience. Checkout our mushroom chocolate dosing chart below:

Microdosing Chart

What is in our Mushroom Chocolate Bars?

Our mushroom chocolate bars contain the active ingredients of Lions Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, and Chaga Mushroom as well as our proprietary Hemp Extract, which works to accentuate the effects of the mushrooms. 

We offer 6 mouth-watering flavors, including Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake, and Cookie Butter.

The bar is designed to be taken as microdoses throughout the day to help center yourself, or taken in larger doses to have a head-changing effect.

If you are interested in seeing what the hype is all about when it comes to microdosing, purchase a Diamond Shruumz chocolate bar today. They’re delicious!

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