The Leading Form of Microdosing

We’ve made microdosing a real treat for those seeking a subtle, sumptuous experience and a more creative state of mind. We’re talkin’ confections with a kick. So if you like mushroom chocolate bars and want to mingle with some microdosing, check us out. We just might change how you see the world.

Natural Ingredients


Great Vibes


Powerful Effects

shruumz chocolate


What is Diamond shruumz?

Why nothing short of the future of microdosing, my friend! Think of it as candy for the creative soul. An artisan treat for the alternative set. Our hand-crafted flavors are not only delicious, they’re packed with a kick of Lion’s mane, a touch of Reishi and a bit of Chaga mushrooms

What are you waiting for? Let’s microdose your mindset.

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