7 Activities That Maximize the Benefits of Mushroom Microdose Chocolate

At Diamond Shruumz, our hemp-infused mushroom chocolate bars create a feeling of calm and low anxiety, while also giving your energy and creativity a boost. This is perfect for anyone trying to be more productive or creative in their personal or professional pursuits. 

Our chocolate bars have active ingredients of Lions Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, and Chaga mushroom as well as a Hemp extract to accentuate the effects of the mushrooms. This combination provides a focused, energetic, and creative experience for the user. 

So with that in mind, we came up with our top activities to do after consuming our premium microdose chocolate bars. 

Walk in the Woods

Going for a walk in nature naturally boosts your creativity. Going for walk while feeling the effects of hemp-infused chocolate acts as a multiplier for your creative side. Let your mind get lost during a long walk in the woods or a park. You never know what problems your wandering mind can solve. Let it be free!


The high you get from our hemp-infused chocolate bars can help you pour over your thoughts in profound contemplative silence. Your sense of time is often changed while under the effects of hemp-derived products and for some this stretching of time makes it easier to think about what’s on your mind, or maybe about nothing at all.

Listen To Music 

Get in a comfy chair put on some quality headphones and pick out an album that means something to you. Dive deep into a new artist. The part of our brain that draws relations between ideas becomes stimulated when we’re high, and music is packed with metaphors and patterns.

Read A Good Book

Bring a good fiction story to life or travel to a different place in time when reading while high. Since hemp-infused chocolate typically increases your concentration, this makes it a great time to really get lost in a good book…and you might learn something!


Similar to reading, writing while high taps into the benefits of creativity and concentration. This increased focus helps you get deeper into a given topic, hopefully resulting in better work. You also allow yourself to test out crazy ideas and theories while in this creative sweet spot. 

Chat With A Friend

Whether you just want to catch up with a friend or brainstorm business ideas, doing so with the benefits of hemp-infused chocolate will only raise the quality of your conversation. Our chocolate bars can help spark your curiosity, letting you have deeper discussions with your friends. 


Finally, working out after having some of our hemp-infused chocolate bars is a great way to stay productive. Apply your enhanced concentration to hitting the gym or going on a run. The high from the chocolate mixed with the natural body high from your endorphins are a fantastic combination. 


If you’re interested in seeing how microdose chocolate can help you become more productive and creative, shop Diamond Shruumz today! Our chocolate bars come in 6 delicious flavors: 

Birthday Cake 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

Cookie Butter

Cookies & Cream

Dark Chocolate

Fruity Pebbles

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